Ryan Hollaway

Ryan Hollaway

Ryan Hollaway a Californian born raised Texan. His work is meant to be seen as unfamiliar in familiar places. Ryan’s photography is inspired by his environment and the everyday. He has shown work around local shows in Houston, including The Big Show at Lawndale Arts Center.

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"For this residency I want to create photographs of objects or that represent what I'm currently doing in the work place. Or out and about running errands. I currently work 2 jobs and I find it hard sometimes to create work so I create the work while I'm working."

"This image oddly represents vacation, calmness and rest. I was able to have time of my busy life this past weekend and go to the beach."

"Just Balloons"

"This image is of my mother who absolutely hates when I take photos of her. But she's always there for me at times when I'm even the most or least social. Or whether I'm making mistakes or not she's always there."

Titled "Eado"

Titled "Late night potty break."

"This is a little series I made from working white linen night in the heights . I just captured these images as I was running around working at manready mercantile."


"Almost everyone at Manready has a dog and there's a new dog here at least 3times a week. Nothing like a workplace with your lil best friend."

Titled "Family Yard Work"

"If ya didn't know. Im also a dancer more in the street underground scene more so now. Every Thursday I go to this bar called Alley Kat where all my dancing buddies dance the night away. We encourage others who don't dace as much in the way we do to get down with us. It's definitely one of my top places to be in Houston."

"For this last post I wanted to capture more dance. I've been slowly documenting the swing dance scene in Houston. It's the most Social thing I've done in my life. Though there times were things get awkward. It's all about the experience and the dance. So that's it for me on this residency. Thanks to Open MFA for allowing me to be a part of it."