Matt Manalo


Matt Manalo

Originally from Manila, Philippines, Matt creates work as a form of an ongoing journal of experiences from his time living in the Philippines in juxtaposition to his life in the United States. At the age of 19, Matt Manalo and his family decided to move to the United States in pursuit of a better life. Although living in a city as diverse as Houston he continues to reconcile his old life with his new life in the largest city in Texas. Matt states, “As an artist, I was looking for a tangible outlet to express my feelings, memories and newfound experiences.” He is constantly redefining his definition of “Home,” while struggling with memories from his homeland and the feeling of being split into two pieces emotionally. For this residency, Matt wants to give the viewer insight into his practice which involves thrifting, going to garage sales, dumpster-diving, and looking for different types of raw materials. He also wants to show his process in creating one piece specifically for the residency while using the objects he’s collected/repurposed.

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Slums 02 | 2017 | 23 x 23 inches Canvas, Ink, Latex paint, Acrylic paint, Wood Glue, Gloss medium, Heavyweight Paper, Tracing Paper, Cotton, Graphite, Concrete, Recycled Denim, Gesso, Vintage Piña cloth from the Philippines on Panel

“I️ get some of them from thrifting or seeking local manufacturers for raw materials which will be discarded. Even if I use other objects in my work, I predominantly use raw canvas.”

"Here, because of my practice, a colleague of mine, gifted me vintage textiles made out of piña fiber from the Philippines.”

“90% of my work always start with a grid.”

“A few weeks ago, I traveled to Palestine, Texas and took some photos of their downtown area. I’ve found these irregularities, scrawls, deformities very inspirational.“

“You can view some of my new works at the Pennzoil building in downtown Houston.”